Malasksa Golf Coach Certification

Malaska Golf Instruction Certification

Each week through early October I'm working with all the GreatLIFE instructors to certify the group as "Malaska certified instructors" at a basic level of understanding of the concepts that have made Mike Malaska one of the foremost golf instructors in the world.

The training includes theoretical work, understanding and hands-on application. Hopefully we will move through the basic certification level and start into our more sophisticated concepts and applications with students, moving the instructors to more advanced Malaska certification levels before this season ends in October.

Malaska Golf Concepts:

1. Lead arm grip
2. Train the hands. Swinging a club head, not a grip and shaft.
3. Left arm rotator
4. Arms, etc. soft & relaxed. Rotation occurs in the rotating shoulder. joint.
5. Directing & controlling momentum of the club head
6. Swing is a circle; doesn't travel down tne line
.7. Counteracting forces
8. Hips firing/clearing- NOT
9. Hips invading space
We play all sports, run and jump with loose, fast muscles.

Terms & Vocabulary

1. Drag/pull
2. Tip
3. Pivot
4. Hinge, rehinge
5. Direct
6. Hitting down vs. Gravity
7. Lag. Proper wrist hinge, not a forced action and wrists being relaxed
.8. Bottom

Week 1 Sample Certification Schedule

1. Finding Your Natural Grip

2. Establishing Correct Grip Pressure

3. Finding Your Neutral Posture.

4. Creating a practice station and PARALLAX.

5. Five markers practice station.

6. Club head in the hands.

7. Arms super soft.

8. Arms relative to the torso.

9. NICKLAUS "Impossible to release the club too early"

10. Right foot back L to L

11. Throwing a ball & the golf swing

11. Putting

13. Basic chipping from the putting setup.

Week 2 Sample Certification Schedule

1. Hands Don't Go At The Ball

2. Correct Wrist Hinge & True Lag

3. Gravity

4. Invisibile Forces

5. Putting: Center Contact & Rolling The Ball

6. Pitching: Typical Flaws & Fixes

7. Feel Is Not Real